COVID-19 vaccine

The vaccine is now available for everyone 5 and older! Get your children vaccinated today. Find a City-run vaccine clinic or partner vaccine clinic to protect yourself and your loved ones. If you have questions about vaccination, call (215) 685-5488.

Permits, violations & licenses

Reserve a Parks & Recreation facility or field

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation facilities and fields have staff who schedule these spaces. You need a permit to reserve a recreation facility or field for group activity.

Mask mandate:

While being fully vaccinated is the best way to protect against serious complications from COVID, masks have been proven to reduce the risk that unvaccinated and vaccinated people will be infected with COVID. Effective 12:01 a.m. on Thursday, August 12, Parks & Rec sites will require masks based on the Philadelphia’s new mask mandate:

  • Indoors — Masks are required at all indoor spaces that do not require vaccination for employees and patrons. That means that everyone on site will be required to wear a mask indoors.  
  • Outdoors — Masks will be required at all non-seated outdoor events in Philadelphia with more than 1,000 attendees.

For more information and the latest updates, visit the City’s COVID-19 page.


  • Groups that wish to use recreation building spaces.
  • Leagues or teams who use fields for practices and games.

NOTE: Returning permit holders have the “right of first refusal.” This means they have the first opportunity to re-apply for the spaces, days, and times they received a permit for the previous year.   For example:
  • If you received a permit for an outdoor activity between March 2019 and July 2019. You have the first opportunity to:
    • Re-apply for activities during the same days, times, and outdoor spaces scheduled through July 2021.
  • If you received a permit for an indoor activity between December 2019 and March 13, 2020. You have the first opportunity to:
    • Re-apply for indoor activities for the same days, times, and indoor spaces scheduled through March 12, 2021.

When and where

You can download the recreation and athletic permit application.

There are some fees associated with use of these spaces.


Follow these steps to reserve your spot:

Prepare ahead by having information about your event ready.
Pick a recreation facility where you would like to have your event.

Use the Parks & Rec map-based Finder to locate a facility.

Contact the recreation facility supervisor at that location to submit an application in person.
Receive approval from that recreation facility supervisor.
Receive your permit in the mail.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, permits will be emailed at this time. Permits usually arrive in about 14 days.