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Permits, violations & licenses

Operate a farmers market

Farmers markets provide a sociable setting for local farmers to sell their food directly to customers. The markets also give customers an opportunity to learn more about their food and discover new produce to try.

The Department of Public Health supports farmers markets by promoting food safety standards and best practices.


Farmers market operators must submit a farmers market operator registration form before the beginning of each year. This form should be turned in to the Office of Food Protection.

The form includes three sections:

  1. Market operator information
  2. Market information
  3. Vendor information

The market operator must inform the Office of Food Protection whenever any of this information changes.

The Market Operator Guide provides rules and guidelines to make sure food sold at a farmers market is safe.

The guide includes:

  • Food safety vendor requirements by food type.
  • Best practices for food safety.
  • Food sampling guidelines.
  • Cooking demonstration guidelines.

The guide also has information about City requirements on licensing, location, and parking.

Forms & instructions

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