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Permits, violations & licenses

Change ownership of a stationary food business

You must submit a Change of Ownership application to the Office of Food Protection if you are changing the ownership of a stationary food business.


You must submit a Change of Ownership application if you are a:

  • Current food business owner who is changing the name on your food license (licensee).
  • New business owner who is taking over a stationary food business and who has not made changes to the food operations or facility.

Where and when

Environmental Health Services (EHS) has walk-in office hours Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m., and by appointment. Environmental Health Services 7801 Essington Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19153. All EHS services are also available via phone or virtually. This includes services such as Plan Review, Change of Ownership, Permit Applications, and Food Safety Certification. Please call (215) 685-7495 to ask questions, make an in-person appointment, request a virtual consultation, coordinate payment, and submit an application.

Work Phone:


The Change of Ownership application costs $255 (an application fee of $65 and an inspection fee of $190). You may pay the fee using a:

  • Money order.
  • Credit card (online). You will receive an invoice with instructions if you indicate you want to pay online.

If you want to expedite your inspection, please call the Office of Food Protection at (215) 685-7495. In addition to the $255 Change of Ownership application fee, there is an expediting fee of $315.

Fees are nonrefundable. Money orders should be made out to the Department of Public Health – EHS.


You will provide general information about your business and its ownership on your Change of Ownership application. You will also answer questions about your employee health policy, how your food is stored and prepared, and any signs that are in place.

After you submit your Change of Ownership application and fees, the Office of Food Protection will process your application. If your application is approved, Environmental Health Services staff will conduct a food safety inspection within 30 business days. If you need to make specific arrangements for an inspection, contact the Office of Food Protection