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Permits, violations & licenses

Get a Friends and community group event permit

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation issues permits to Park Friends groups and community groups for events at neighborhood parks. These groups need a permit if the event includes any of the following:

  • A gathering of 50 people or more.
  • Portable toilets.
  • Amplified sound.
  • Organizational signs.
  • Sale, distribution, or cooking of food or goods.
  • Filming or photos.
  • Any City services.
  • Tents, sound systems, or production elements like stages or stands.


This application is intended only for Park Friends groups and community groups conducting non-ticketed public events with fewer than 500 attendees.

To find out what permit you need, please visit Get a Parks & Recreation permit.

When and where

You must apply at least 30 days prior to your event to avoid an additional $25 application fee.


Follow these steps to get your permit:

Contact the Stewardship Office at (215) 683-3679 to check availability of the date and location.

You may also email us at

Download and complete the application.

Download, complete, and submit the Event Permit Application for Friends and Community Groups with required application fee and security deposit, and any optional fees for services.

See the full instructions in the application.

Apply for insurance if you do not have it.

You must have liability insurance to host an event at a Parks & Rec site.

Provide certificate of insurance prior with your application.

If approved, you will be issued a permit prior to your event.

Forms & instructions

Look for the application titled “Event Permit Application for Friends and Community Groups”