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Permits, violations & licenses

Get a Certificate of Rental Suitability

Service overview

Property owners that rent out residential property must give tenants a Certificate of Rental Suitability before they move in.


Property owners and their authorized agents can get this certificate.


In order to get a Certificate of Rental Suitability, you can’t have any outstanding violation notices related to property, except for violations pending appeal where the owner has notified L&I.

The owner of the leased space must provide a property that:

  • Is safe and habitable.
  • Has fire protection and smoke detectors that are in good working order.

The owner must maintain the property throughout the lease.

Where and when


Use eCLIPSE to apply.


There is no cost for the certificate.


Use eCLIPSE to apply.

Provide your information.
Provide your Rental License Number (also known as a  Housing Inspection License Number) or rental address.
Certify that fire alarm and smoke detection systems are in working order and up to code.
View and print your Certificate of Rental Suitability.
Once you have your certificate, provide a copy to your tenant.

Renewal requirements

Property owners must get a new Certificate of Rental Suitability each time they rent to a new tenant or renew an existing tenant’s lease.