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Permits, violations & licenses

Search tobacco retailer permit eligibility by neighborhood

A Philadelphia regulation limits the number of tobacco permits by planning district and prohibits new tobacco permits within 500 feet (approximately two blocks) of any K–12 school.

You can use the tobacco retailer permit eligibility map to learn about tobacco retailers in your neighborhood or to find out if an address is eligible for a permit.


Any resident or business owner can look up the number of businesses that sell tobacco in a Philadelphia neighborhood. You can use this information to:

  • Educate yourself on tobacco retailers in your neighborhood.
  • See if an address is eligible for a tobacco retailer permit.


Each Philadelphia planning district has a population-based limit on the number of available tobacco retailer permits.

Tobacco-free school zones

Tobacco-free school zones also prohibit new tobacco retailer permits within 500 feet (approximately two blocks) of any K–12 school. Properly issued permits will be grandfathered in.

Tobacco retailers near schools place more tobacco marketing materials near products for children, such as candy, than tobacco retailers in other locations. In Philadelphia, schools in low-income zip codes had on average 63% more tobacco retailers within 500 feet than schools in a high income zip code.