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Permits, violations & licenses

Dispute a code violation notice (CVN)

Before you begin

Gather the items to support your case:

  • A copy of your code violation notice (required).
  • Supporting documents or photographs.
  • Written testimony from witnesses.

Service overview

If you think you’ve been cited for a code violation incorrectly, you can request a review of your case. There are three ways to make this request: in person, by mail, or online.

You are responsible for presenting documentation or testimony to support your case.


COVID-19 update: All in-person dispute hearings are postponed until further notice. Follow the instructions below to submit a dispute by mail or online.

By mail

To request a hearing by mail, submit a written justification and supporting documents to:
City of Philadelphia
P.O. Box 56318
Philadelphia, PA 19130-6318


Visit the Office of Administrative Review’s code violations webpage.