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Permits, violations & licenses

Get a special hauling permit

You must have a special hauling permit to drive an oversized or heavyweight vehicle within the Philadelphia city limits or to release a vehicle of this kind from an impound lot. This permit allows one vehicle a single, one-way move.

Special hauling permits are issued by the Department of Streets. If you’re traveling exclusively on interstate highways through the city, you don’t need this permit.

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Permit types and cost

The type of special hauling permit will vary depending on the vehicle’s size, weight, and impoundment status. Permits must be paid for in advance.



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Super load

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Non-standard (uncommon)

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Timing your move

The Streets Department reviews standard applications within three business days of submission. Super load applications may take longer.

Permits are typically issued for five consecutive business days.


Approved moving days

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Prohibited moving days

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Travel route requirements and approvals

As part of your permit application, you’ll need to identify your travel route. The route must follow these requirements:

  • Both the origin and destination of your travel route must be a street address, an intersection of two streets, or the point on a street where it crosses the Philadelphia city limits.
  • All streets listed as part of a travel route must be inside the Philadelphia city limits. Streets outside Philadelphia aren’t under the City’s jurisdiction and will be omitted from the approved route.
  • Streets listed as part of a travel route must be identified by the actual street names as designated by the City and not a state route number. Only interstate highways may be identified by their route numbers.

You must make sure your route won’t be affected by construction or include any sensitive structures. See our travel route resources for more information.

Additional approvals

Depending upon your travel route or load dimensions and weight, you may need permits or services from partner organizations.


Travel with a police escort

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Travel over SEPTA subway or trolley lines

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Travel over a PATCO subway line

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Travel through a City park

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Travel on non-City roadways and bridges

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How to apply for a permit

Review the criteria and decide what kind of special hauling permit you'll need.
Get any necessary approvals from partner organizations.

Your chosen travel route and date of travel may affect the approvals you need to get before you apply. Many standard permits and all super load permits also require PennDOT special hauling permits.

Visit the Department of Streets hauling permit portal

Log in to the portal and start a new application. You must provide the following information for all special hauling permits:

  • Company and US Department of Transportation (USDOT) number
  • Contact person and phone number
  • Material being transported
  • Move dates
  • Origin and destination
  • Travel route
  • Licenses and registrations
  • Dimensions
  • Loads

For super load special hauling permits, you must also provide:

  • PennDOT state permit number
  • Insurance details

You can then pay through ePay. We accept debit cards, credit cards, or e-checks.

Check your email for a confirmation.

You can check the status of an application on the Streets Department hauling permit portal. The system also sends an email confirmation whenever an application is submitted, waiting, approved, revised, or rejected.

Be advised that numerous and flagrant code violations or attempts to subvert the hauling system may result in hauling permit denial, account suspension, or legal action.

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