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Clean indoor air laws and regulations

It is illegal to smoke tobacco (including cigarettes, cigars, hookah) or use electronic smoking devices such as e-cigarettes, e-cigars, e-pipes and e-hookah in areas that are smoke-free under the Clean Indoor Air Worker Protection Law. This includes all outdoor dining and service spaces.

Landlords in Philadelphia must provide their tenants with a written disclosure of the building policy on smoking in individual dwelling units. See Section 9-805. Smoking Disclosure Policy in Multi-Family Buildings of the Philadelphia Code for more information.

Additional resources are available for tobacco retailers.

Name Description Released Format
Regulation relating to health informational messages for hookah and e-hookah PDF Board of Health regulation relating to health informational messages in establishments where hookah or e-hookah use is permitted. May 3, 2022
Regulation relating to tobacco retailing PDF A Philadelphia regulation limits the number of tobacco permits by planning district and prohibits new tobacco permits within 500 feet (approximately two blocks) of any K–12 school. September 6, 2019
Resolution to Enforce the Philadelphia Clean Indoor Air Worker Protection Act PDF January 13, 2011