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Payments, assistance & taxes

Set up a Real Estate Tax payment plan for property you don’t live in

If you’re having difficulty paying Real Estate Taxes on a property you own but don’t live in, contact the Department of Revenue by:

  • Sending an email to; or
  • Calling (215) 686-6442.

We will work with you to arrange a payment agreement.

If you live in your home and need help paying Real Estate Taxes, you can apply for the Owner-Occupied Real Estate Tax Payment Agreement (OOPA).

All payment agreements require that you also pay your current taxes. This means that you will be paying your overdue taxes in addition to any taxes you normally have to pay.

If you fail to honor your payment agreement, you will be subject to accrued interest and penalty charges, as well as legal action and fines.

You can make an agreement in person at one of our three locations. In some cases, we can start the application process over the phone at (215) 686-6600.

As part of the progressive reopening of the City, taxpayers can now schedule an in-person appointment to pay taxes and other fees at the Municipal Services Building (MSB). Due to continuing efforts to contain the pandemic, no walk-ins are allowed inside MSB, and satellite offices remain closed. (Updated: September 2, 2020)