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Do business with the City

Service overview

The City of Philadelphia allows businesses to bid on contracts for:

  • Supplies, services, and equipment.
  • Public works, such as streets or building construction or repair.
  • Concessions at City-owned locations and at some events.
  • Professional services.

Businesses can search for contracts using Contracts Hub. Contracts Hub searches multiple procurement sites at once.

Some RFPs and RFIs are posted on the additional contract opportunities page.

Businesses or individuals that are awarded a City contract must adhere to Labor Standards and Diversity and Inclusion goals.


Usually, to bid on a City contract you must be registered on either eContract Philly, PHLContracts, or both.

Local Business Entities (LBE) can qualify for Local Business Preference on contracts.

The City seeks to fulfill at least 35% of all for-profit contracts through minority, woman, or disabled-owned enterprises (M/W/DSBEs). If you register as an M/W/DSBE, you can get preference in the City contracting process.


To bid on Services, Supplies, and Equipment, Public Works, and Concessions contracts, you must register on PHLContracts.

To register, you’ll need:

  • Your tax ID number.
  • Your company name.
  • Your email address.

To bid on a Professional Services contract, you must register with eContract Philly.

To register, you’ll need:

  • Your tax ID number.
  • Your company name.
  • Your email address.
  • A phone number.

Once you’ve registered, search for bids and follow the stated requirements.

Where and when


You can find new contract opportunities using Contracts Hub.


To submit a responsive bid to the City of Philadelphia, the following fees are required:

These fees can be paid on the City’s online payment center.


For information on creating and editing electronic quotes in PHLContracts, read the Creating and Editing Quotes Vendor User Guide.

If your business receives a City contract, you may be required to follow labor standards and wage regulations. More information is available through the Office of Labor Standards in the Department of Labor.

For some contracts, you may be required to file an Economic Opportunity Plan (EOP). An EOP is a document created to ensure use of minority, woman, and disabled-owned businesses on contracts over $100,000. If your contract is above this amount, fill out the EOP Questionnaire.

Fill out the EOP Questionnaire online