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File a contracting disclosure form

Vendors are required to complete disclosures before entering into a City contract.

These disclosures are required for all contracts for opportunities valued at or above the formal bidding threshold. The current formal bidding threshold is $88,000.

As of July 1, 2023, several of these disclosure forms have been consolidated into a single form. This new form replaces the previous Transparency in Business form, as well as other disclosures.

To learn more about our new, simpler process, see our blog post about the changes for vendors.

Each vendor only needs to complete the disclosure form once per fiscal year — a single form will cover all opportunities awarded within that fiscal year.

Filing deadlines

Prime contractors must provide this information before the contract can be conformed, or accepted by both parties.

Your required disclosures must be accurate, complete, and filed on time. If you fail to do this, the City may terminate the contract, suspend or disbar the contractor, or pursue other penalties and remedies, as may be provided by law.

How this data will be used

The City will use your form responses to verify your firm’s compliance with the disclosure requirements. The data will also be aggregated and released in an annual report. We will not publicly share data for individual organizations or workers.

How to file

Compile the required information.

You’ll need to enter the following for your firm:

  • Ownership or leadership demographics.
  • Employee demographics and salary.
  • Board member demographics and salary (if applicable).
  • Any disadvantaged business certifications your firm holds.
  • Goals for women and minorities in executive and board positions.
  • Prior City contract experience.

You’ll also need to provide your organization’s:

  • Supplier diversity policy.
  • Top three suppliers that are disadvantaged business enterprises.
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion plan for your workforce, board, and leadership.
  • Slavery affidavit, if you’ve already provided one. If you haven’t, you can complete a new affidavit.

Thoroughly review the terms, definitions, and required data. Collect all the data you’ll need before you begin.

Visit the contracting disclosure website and complete the form.

Log into the contracting disclosure website. Then, enter your disclosures. You’ll need:

  • Your contact information.
  • The City department issuing the contract.
  • The name of your conformance manager or buyer.

You’ll also need to provide the data you gathered for your firm in Step 1.

You can return to the system if you need to pause and resume later.

Save a copy of your disclosures.

After you submit your form, you’ll be able to download a copy for your records.

Requesting an accommodation

If you can’t file the required disclosures on time or at all, you may request an accommodation. The procurement commissioner decides whether to grant an accommodation.

To request an accommodation, you must send a written request to your conformance manager or buyer. Your request must include the reasons you are asking for an accommodation.

Terms, definitions, and required data

Ownership or leadership demographics

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Employee demographics

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Board member demographics

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Disadvantaged business certifications

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Prior City contract experience

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