Procurement Department

Managing and acquiring goods and services for the City of Philadelphia using a fair, open, and cost-effective process.

Procurement Department

What we do

The Procurement Department assists in getting the City all the materials and services it needs to serve its residents. We inspect supplies and property purchased under City contracts and certify local businesses. Our office also manages public advertising for things like election and health notices, open bids for contractors, and other City needs.

Business owners can bid on opportunities to provide:

  • Supplies and equipment for City departments.
  • Maintenance or repair services.
  • Construction or improvement of a public property, street, bridge, highway, or sewer.
  • Concession opportunities on City property.
  • Environmentally responsible disposal of waste or City property.

To view open bids, visit the PHLContracts portal on Instructions for submitting a bid can be found in the bid solicitation.


1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
Room 170
Philadelphia, PA 19102-1685


Name Job title Phone #
Janira Barroso Director of Purchasing, Services, Supplies, and Equipment
(215) 686-4770
Aycha Campfield Purchasing Manager
(215) 686-4773
Jonathan Janiszewski Deputy Procurement Commissioner
(215) 686-4761
Monique Nesmith-Joyner Procurement Commissioner
(215) 686-4750
Mary Reed Executive Assistant
(215) 686-4751
LaShawnda Tompkins Director of Administration
(215) 686-4760
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