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The Procurement Department’s staff acquire services, supplies, equipment, and construction for the City. They evaluate bids for the lowest price, make sure those bids meet the City’s need, and ensure a fair and open process.

Procurement Customer Service Unit

The Procurement Customer Service Unit oversees the Procurement Department’s customer and vendor engagement. This unit:

  • Supports vendors and City Departments with PHLContracts and other Procurement-related questions and requests.
  • Registers vendors in PHLContracts.
  • Resets passwords in PHLContracts.
  • Manages PHLContracts data.

This unit also supports the department in diverse business workshops and seminars to educate and attract local, small, and diverse business enterprise.

To contact Procurement Customer Service, call (215) 686-4720 or email

Services, Supplies, and Equipment Unit

This unit manages formal and informal contracts for procurement of City non-professional services, supplies, and equipment, as per the requirements of Article 8, Chapter 2 of the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter.

Open contract opportunities can be found on PHLContracts.

To contact the Services, Supplies, and Equipment Unit regarding these types of contracts, call (215) 686-4720 or email

Public Works Unit

This unit oversees formal contracts for the procurement of public works and construction contracting opportunities for City-owned or leased facilities.

To contact Public Works regarding these types of contracts, call (215) 686-4720 or email

Inventory Disposal / Control Unit

The Inventory Disposal/Control Unit:

  • Tracks assets through the purchase, ownership, and disposal life cycle.
  • Conducts inspections to ensure that vendors remain compliant with the terms of their contracts.

They identify and manage surplus inventory that can be sold through the use of a local vendor website that offers online government auctions for:

  • Vehicles.
  • Equipment.
  • Excess office supplies.
  • Other surplus goods.

This unit also reviews Local Business Entity Applications for approval and performs onsite investigations when necessary.

For more information, call (215) 686-4720 or email

Contracts Legislation Unit (CLU)

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