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This page includes resources related to bidding and procurement for City contracts.

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Diversity, equity, and inclusion in contracting

Local Business Entities (LBEs)

Local businesses can get a bid preference on certain City contracts.

More resources

The City also encourages applications from other diverse and emerging businesses.

Finding contract opportunities

Contracts Hub

Contracts Hub searches multiple websites to find opportunities for your business.


PHLContracts includes opportunities for three types of contracts:

  • Services, Supplies, and Equipment (SS&E)
  • Public Works
  • Concessions

You can learn more about these categories on our types of contracts page.

eContract Philly

eContract Philly includes non-bid contract opportunities. These are usually professional services contracts.

Contract opportunities with special application processes

Select requests for proposals (RFPs) and requests for information (RFIs) have separate application processes. These are usually opportunities related to housing, social services, or quasi-governmental agencies.

The City's debarment listing

Vendors on the debarment list are prohibited from bidding on future City contracts.

Request for proposal (RFP) resources

If your business is awarded a City contract, you have certain responsibilities.

Licenses and taxes

To do business with the City, you need a Philadelphia Tax Identification Number (PHTIN). Your City of Philadelphia tax account must remain in good standing. You’ll also need a Commercial Activity License.


You must complete required disclosures for your contract.

COVID-19 requirements

These documents describe the masking and vaccine requirements for contract employees.

Getting payments from the City

You can sign up for ACH payments, track payments, and submit invoices using the Vendor Payments website.