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Local Business Entity regulations and forms

Local businesses can get preference on City contracts. Businesses must be registered as a Local Business Entity. This page provides information to support Local Business Entities.

Name Description Released Format
Local Business Entity certification application PDF Use this fillable form to apply for Local Business Entity certification. June 12, 2020
City of Philadelphia Local Business Entity listing PDF A current list of all certified Local Business Entities. September 28, 2020
Local Business Entity Continuing Eligibility Affidavit PDF Those who want to continue to be certified as Local Businesses must sign, notarize, and file this affidavit annually. September 6, 2019
Local Business Entity regulations relating to Local Bidding Preferences PDF Rules about bidding on a City contract as a Local Business Entity. September 6, 2019
Bill 160709, Local Business Entity regulations PDF The Bill of Law that regulates Local Business Entities in relation to contracts. September 6, 2019