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Contract opportunities

Rebuild’s contractor participation goals are 30% to 35% MBE and 15% to 20% WBE.  To ensure that applicants meet Rebuild’s contractor participation goals, we strongly encourage applicants to utilize the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) Registry to solicit vendors and to encourage certified MBE and/or WBE vendors not currently included in the OEO Registry to join by applying through the website  If you have specific questions about joining the OEO Registry, please contact Jennifer Wise at (215) 683-2071.

Rebuild projects will likely need architects, landscape architects, general contractors, plumbers, electricians, and partners to carry out community engagement and more.

Some Rebuild projects are managed by experienced and qualified nonprofits called “project users.” These nonprofits will apply for grants to work on Rebuild projects.

Projects may also be managed directly by the City of Philadelphia or by the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority.

You can view contracting opportunities for all projects on Rebuild’s contract opportunity portal.

Rebuild Ready Business Support

Rebuild’s historic investment of hundreds of millions of dollars presents an opportunity to support small, diverse businesses. Often, these businesses face barriers that make it difficult for them to work on public works projects.

Rebuild will help small businesses based in Philadelphia:

  • Become certified and registered as a minority-owned business (MBE) or woman-owned business (WBE).
  • Meet bonding requirements.
  • Meet insurance requirements.
  • Access capital and financing.
  • Develop bids and manage cash flow.
  • Get access to technical assistance and back-office supports (e.g. bookkeeping).
  • Get access to networking events that connect diverse businesses with the nonprofits managing Rebuild projects.

Rebuild Ready is being offered in partnership with Surety Bond Associates.

You can view the Rebuild Ready business directory and resources for businesses that are interested in working on Rebuild projects.

Emerging Vendors

The Rebuild Emerging Vendors Program helps design and construction businesses get certified as minority- or woman-owned. This valuable designation can be complicated and time-consuming for small businesses to pursue, especially if they lack full-time office staff and extra resources.

Participating businesses can be counted toward diversity goals for Rebuild contracts, and will get expert assistance to work toward permanent minority- or woman-owned certification for all City contracts.

Participants must have businesses based in Philadelphia, and provide services that are relevant to Rebuild projects. This includes design, construction, and community engagement firms. Businesses that provide other services will be processed if they have secured a Rebuild contracting opportunity.

Sign up for the Emerging Vendors Program through Surety Bond Associates.

Call for interest

If you are a business, organization, or professional interested in working on Rebuild projects, fill out Rebuild’s call-for-interest form to market your services to the nonprofits that manage Rebuild projects.

These nonprofits will hire partners for community engagement, design, and construction.

Submit a call for interest form

There are two forms to choose from. The design and construction form is for professionals who work in the design and construction industries, including:

  • Architects.
  • Designers.
  • Contractors.
  • Suppliers.
  • Professional services firms (e.g. owner’s representatives, project managers, accountants, etc.).

Submit a design and construction form

The community engagement form is for those who have expertise in community outreach and engagement, such as:

  • Community organizations.
  • Cultural organizations.
  • Artists.
  • Project managers.

Submit a community engagement form

Connect with nonprofits

After you submit the form, your information will be entered into a directory. This directory is shared with the nonprofits that manage Rebuild projects.

Together with their partners, they use the directory to find businesses and organizations to contract with when working on Rebuild projects.

Interested in working on a Rebuild project?

Learn about how Rebuild contracts work and get tips for making your business a more competitive candidate.