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Pay the fee for a professional services contract online

Vendors can pay contract preparation fees for Professional Services Contracts online.

Paying online is currently optional. Paper checks will still be accepted as payment. However, the City plans to require electronic payment for all contract preparation fees in the future.


Contract preparation fees are determined by:

  • Whether the vendor is for-profit or not-for-profit.
  • Whether it is a new contract or an amendment.
  • The amount of the contract.

Vendors have two options to pay online:

  1. E-check–free
  2. Credit or debit card–service fee of 2.45% of the contract preparation fee amount, $1.95 minimum


To pay, visit the online payment center. Enter the company name, contract number, and payment amount. Follow the instructions. Save a copy of the confirmation receipt as proof of payment.

The City must receive contract preparation fees before it can execute the contract. Late fees will delay execution and payment for services rendered.