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Bid on a Services, Supplies, and Equipment contract

Service overview

The City uses formal and informal contracts to get services, supplies, and equipment. The Procurement Department manages these contracts through a sealed bid process.

Formal contract opportunities are:

  • Competitive, sealed bids with an expected value of $34,000 or more.
  • Newspaper-advertised and available online on PHLContracts.
  • Opened publicly and electronically.

Informal contract opportunities are:

  • Bids with an expected value less than $34,0000, but greater than $500.
  • Processed as Small Order Purchases (SOPs).


Companies registered on PHLContracts can bid.

Companies registered as minority, woman, or disabled-owned businesses with the Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) and as Local Business Entities may be given special consideration on contract bids.


Requirements for doing business with the City include:

  • Insurance required for the contract
  • Agreement on Prevailing Wages
  • Various Disclosures (Woman & Minority on Boards)
  • Compliance with labor standards and diversity goals
  • Agreement with and acceptance of City of Philadelphia contract terms and conditions
  • Performance bonds/payment bonds, if required
  • Annual Bid Security
  • Company registration on PHLContracts
  • Completed and approved Consent and Authorization Agreement on PHLContracts

Where and when

To view available contract opportunities, visit Contracts Hub.


To submit a responsive bid to the City of Philadelphia, the following fees are required:

These fees can be paid on the City’s online payment center.


Register for a vendor account on PHLContracts

For step-by-step instructions, use the PHLContracts guide to registering as a vendor.

Search for bids and select a contract opportunity.
  • Open bids are bids that are still available for bidding.
  • Closed bids are no longer accepting quotes from vendors.

You must pay the Annual Bid Security fee to submit a bid.

Complete all bid requirements and attach all required documentation.

In PHLContracts, a response to a solicitation is referred to as a Quote.

This includes information on subcontractors.

For step-by-step instructions, use the PHLContracts guide to creating and editing quotes.

Acknowledge the terms of the contract and submit your bid.

The Submit Quote button will submit your quote into the system. No changes can be made unless you withdraw the quote.

The City awards to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder.
  • Responsive bidders submit bids that meet all requirements and criteria listed in the bid.
  • Responsible bidders can and will perform the contract requirements.

Forms & instructions