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Diversity, inclusion, accessibility & immigration

Register as a minority, woman, or disabled-owned business

The City of Philadelphia purchases products and services from hundreds of businesses every year. Our goal is diversity. Each year, the City aims to fulfill 35% of all contracts through minority, woman, or disabled-owned enterprises (M/W/DSBEs).

Registering as an M/W/DSBE with the Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) can provide your business with opportunities. Once certified and registered, M/W/DSBEs get preference in the City contracting process.


You must be a minority, woman, or disabled-owned business to register.


Get certified

The certification process verifies that your business is an M/W/DSBE. If you want to join the registry, you must first get certified by an approved external agency.

To qualify, your business must have at least 51% ownership by a minority, woman, or person with a disability.

Find a certification agency.

Join the registry

After receiving your certification, you can sign up for the Office of Economic Opportunity‘s registry.

To do this, complete the application online.

The application will take roughly 30 minutes. Once the application is approved, your company will receive a registration letter by email. This message will include:

  • A registration number.
  • North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code.
  • The date issued.
  • An expiration date.
Find contracting opportunities

Contracts Hub searches multiple procurement websites at once to help you find opportunities for your business.

If your business receives a City contract, you may be required to follow labor standards and wage regulations. More information is available through the Office of Labor Standards at the Department of Labor.