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Submit a reasonable modification request

Service overview

The City of Philadelphia does not discriminate on the basis of disability and is committed to making City-operated programs, services, and activities accessible to people with disabilities. The City provides effective communication and reasonable modifications for qualified people with disabilities to ensure equality in City programs, services, and activities.

Individuals can request communication in alternative formats and case-by-case changes to programs, services, or activities when needed to gain equal access to programs, services, and activities offered by the City of Philadelphia. Effective communication and reasonable modifications are provided free of charge.

Learn more about the reasonable modification policy.


Reasonable modification requests can be made by:

  • Individuals with disabilities who require aids or services to facilitate communication.
  • Individuals with disabilities who need a change in a program, service, or activity.


To request a reasonable modification from the City of Philadelphia, complete and submit the form below.

If needed, you may contact the Director of ADA Compliance using the following contact information:

Director of ADA Compliance, City of Philadelphia
1400 John F. Kennedy Blvd., Room 114
Philadelphia, PA 19107