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Vendor payment instructions during COVID-19

The City of Philadelphia continues to pay our vendors during COVID-19. To streamline the payment process, many vendors can now submit invoices online through the Vendor Payments website.

You can also submit invoices by email. If you have a City contract, your City contact person will reach out to you directly to:

  • Provide the email address to submit your invoices.
  • Inform you of other required documentation.

You can also use the vendor checklist on this page to ensure you are completing everything that is required for prompt payment.

We encourage all vendors to enroll in direct deposit electronic payments. Payments will be made electronically via Automated Clearing House (ACH) and deposited directly into an account designated by you at your financial institution. For help enrolling in direct deposit, see our instructions on how to sign up for ACH.

Name Description Released Format
COVID-19 communication to vendor community PDF An important message regarding COVID-19 and vendor payment March 19, 2020
COVID-19 vendor payment/invoice checklist PDF To ensure that the City considers your invoice complete, complete and email this form, your invoice, and related materials to the appropriate City inbox. August 17, 2020