We’re excited to share a new process improvement for City contractors. We’re changing the way we collect required demographic disclosures from vendors with City contracts.

Over the past year, vendors have told us that the process of submitting this information is difficult. To address their concerns, we’ve found a way to collect the data in a smarter, more efficient way. The City will leverage these changes to improve and enhance how we do business with all vendors.

A new, simpler disclosure process

On July 1, 2023, we’ll release a new online contracting disclosure form. Vendors will use this form to submit their:

  • Ownership and workforce demographic data
  • Diversity plans, and
  • Slavery affidavit.

This form meets several disclosure requirements through a single, simpler form. Rather than completing the disclosures every time they apply for a contract, vendors will now submit one form each fiscal year. Vendors will also have simplified Transparency in Business Act (TIB) disclosure requirements.

Vendors will need to complete the new disclosure forms once they’ve been awarded a contract over the formal bidding threshold. This is required regardless of contract type. The formal bidding threshold is $88,000 as of July 1, 2023.

What’s changing?

Disclosure process through June 30, 2023 New disclosure process as of July 1, 2023
Disclosure forms were completed and submitted separately Disclosure forms are combined into a single submission
TIB disclosures applied to vendors with contracts valued at $100,000 and up TIB disclosures apply to vendors with contracts valued above the formal bidding threshold
TIB disclosures applied to prime contractors, subcontractors, and labor sources TIB requirements apply only to prime contractors
Bidders and applicants were required to submit the Women and Minorities on Boards form Women and Minorities on Boards disclosures are only required if the contract is awarded
Bidders were required to submit the slavery affidavit Slavery attestation only required if the contract is awarded
Disclosure data was for the previous calendar year (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31) Disclosure data is for the previous fiscal year (July 1 – June 30)
Vendors submitted disclosure forms for every contract Vendors submit disclosure forms once per fiscal year, no matter how many contracts the vendor has

The City is always looking for ways to improve its contracting partnerships and services for all Philadelphians. We’re looking forward to this new, streamlined disclosure process for vendors.