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Office of Economic Opportunity

Economic Opportunity Plan (EOP) Questionnaire

The Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) requires information to begin drafting an Economic Opportunity Plan (EOP). Please complete the questions below, and someone from the office will contact you with next steps. Please do not draft your own EOP. An OEO representative will draft and submit it to you for edits. Once the EOP is approved, it will be signed by the project owner or representative and the executive director of OEO. At this point, the EOP will be posted online, and can be viewed by the public.

The project representative is responsible for delivering a copy of the EOP to the City Council Chief Clerk’s Office:

1400 John F. Kennedy Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19107


Ariana Forde
Executive Assistant
Office of Economic Opportunity, Department of Commerce
(215) 683-2057