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Real Estate Tax refunds

You may need to request a Real Estate Tax refund if:

  • You paid more tax than you owed.
  • You’ve been approved for the Longtime Owner-Occupants Program (LOOP) discount.
  • Your 2014 property assessment is under appeal or was reduced as a result of an appeal.

To claim a refund for any of these reasons, you’ll need to complete a refund petition form.

Refunds are usually processed in four to eight weeks.

LOOP discounts and 2014 assessment appeals

For refunds related to LOOP or 2014 property assessment appeals, your refund petition form should also include the reason you’re seeking a refund. To do this, write “LOOP” or “BRT appeal” on the form.

If your mortgage company paid your Real Estate Tax, you will also need to include a letter from the mortgage company, on their letterhead, granting you permission to apply for the refund.

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