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Get a real estate tax adjustment after a catastrophic loss

Service overview

If your property is damaged by a fire or other natural disaster, you may qualify for a reduced property assessment. The reduced assessment will result in a credit for the next tax year. To qualify, the damage must result in a decrease of 50% or more in the property’s value.

To determine a property’s new value, the Office of Property Assessment (OPA):

  1. Multiplies the previous assessed value of the property by the percentage of the tax year before the catastrophic loss.
  2. Multiplies the value of the property after the loss by the percentage of the tax year remaining.
  3. Adds these two numbers to get the new market value.


Complete a catastrophic loss application and submit it to the OPA by mail.

Office of Property Assessment
Curtis Center
601 Walnut St., Suite 300 W.
Philadelphia, PA 19106

You must submit your application within one of two time periods (whichever is longer):

  • In the fiscal year of the catastrophic loss (July 1 to June 30).
  • Within six months of the date of the catastrophic loss.