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Mental & physical health

Get men’s health care

Men have higher rates of heart disease, stroke, and many types of cancer than women. Men are also more likely than women to delay seeking medical attention. As a result, many men miss the opportunity to prevent complications from these common conditions.

The Department of Public Health provides a range of men’s health services at eight of our City health centers.

Services include:

We offer translation and interpretation services in City health centers for patients and their families.


City health centers accept Medicare, Medicaid, HMO plans, and most other insurance options. If you don’t have insurance, the centers will charge a small fee based on family size and income. Health centers can also help you apply for affordable health insurance.


Visit one of our City health centers. Walk-ins are accepted, but appointments are encouraged.

Forms & instructions

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  • Health center patients can access information about their care and appointments on our patient portal. Sign up for an account at your health center and access the HealthCenterConnect Patient Portal.
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