Notice to Philadelphia employers: COVID-19 testing guidance

The Health Department does not recommend that employers ask employees who are not showing symptoms to be tested for COVID-19. Employers should follow the Health Department’s Reopening With Care guidance to keep their staff and the public safe.

Name Description Released Format
Notice to Philadelphia employers (multilingual) PDF Text in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, and French. July 20, 2020
Notice to Philadelphia employers PDF Text in English. July 20, 2020
Aviso para los empleadores de Filadelfia PDF Text in Spanish. July 20, 2020
费城雇主通知 PDF Text in Simplified Chinese. July 20, 2020
Thông Báo dành cho Chủ Lao Động tại Philadelphia PDF Text in Vietnamese. July 20, 2020
Обращение к работодателям в Филадельфии PDF Text in Russian. July 20, 2020
Avis aux employeurs de Philadelphie PDF Text in French. July 20, 2020