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Permits, violations & licenses

Apply to operate equipment that emits or controls air pollution

The Department of Public Health issues permits and licenses for the operation of equipment that emits or controls air pollution.


Businesses and construction/demolition professionals who want to operate equipment that emits air pollution must have the relevant permits and licenses.

You must have an Air Management Services permit before you begin:

  • Construction, installation, or alteration of an air pollution source.
  • Replacement of any equipment or device that causes air contaminants to go into the air.
  • Replacement of any equipment or device that eliminates, reduces, or controls the emission of air contaminants.

You do not need a permit for minor repairs that do not alter the quality or character of air emissions.

You do not need a permit for:

  • Household appliances.
  • Any structure used exclusively as a one- or two-family dwelling.
  • Any motor vehicle or other equipment used on the highway.
  • Fuel burning equipment with rated capacity of 250,000 BTU or less per hour.


The cost of the permits you need depends on the equipment you’ll be operating and the amount of pollution it emits. Use the fee schedule to determine your costs.



Use the Air Management Services online portal to:

  • Submit notifications and permit or license applications.
  • View a list of notifications by date and address.
  • View listings of licensed asbestos professionals.
  • Submit complaints related to air pollution, asbestos, noise, or vibration.

Please remember to include the appropriate application fee along with each application.

You may also submit permit and license applications to:

Source Registration, Air Management Services
321 University Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Work Phone: