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Air Management Services permits and licenses

Read documents related to the installation and operation of equipment that emits or controls air pollution.

Read documents related to asbestos abatement.

Read more about air management resources.

Name Description Released Format
Air Management Services compliance certification form PDF January 5, 2011
Area source boilers initial notification form (for subpart 6J) PDF October 2, 2018
Autobody shop initial notification form (for subpart 6H) PDF March 26, 2008
Autobody shop petition (exemption) form (for subpart 6H) PDF January 4, 2023
Change of ownership form for a plan approval, operating permit, or air pollution license PDF May 6, 2024
Compliance review form (required with each Plan Approval, General Permit, and Operating Permit Application) PDF October 1996
Initial notification form national emission standards for hazardous air pollutants: area source gasoline dispensing facilities PDF October 5, 2018
Initial notification paint stripping and miscellaneous surface coating PDF March 26, 2008
Initial Notification Report NESHAP: Areas Source Standards for Aluminum, Copper, and Other Nonferrous Foundries PDF October 5, 2018
Initial notification/Notification of compliance status report for bulk gasoline plants PDF October 5, 2018
Monitoring report form (must be submitted by facilities with a Title V Operating Permit) PDF October 5, 2018
Relative accuracy test audit (RATA) protocol/Report cover sheet (required for each RATA protocol and RATA report submitted to AMS) PDF May 6, 2024
Request for determination of requirement for installation permit/operating license form PDF January 2011
Request for determination of requirement for installation permit/operating license form – version for dry cleaning machines PDF April 28, 2011
Request for exemption from operating permit requirements PDF August 28, 2006
Request for extension to use existing commercial No. 2 fuel oil PDF December 2022
Stack test protocol and test report cover sheet PDF May 6, 2024