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Division of Disease Control

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Health Center 1

Health Center 1 is the city's dedicated walk-in clinic for the treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Our services include free confidential HIV testing, counseling and referral.

We also offer vaccines for Hepatitis (A and B) and HPV with STI screenings. In addition, we offer both Pre (PrEP) and Post (PEP) Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV. All services are provided free of charge on a first come first served basis.

Health Center 1 does not provide the general medical services provided at the City's other eight health centers.

1400 Lombard Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146 (map)

7:45 am - 4:00 pm / Mon - Fri
4:30 pm - 7:00 pm / Mon & Wed

Note: The STD clinic opens at 1 pm on the first Wednesday of each month. On very busy days, the clinic may close earlier than the times listed above.

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