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Services for Children with Special Health Care Needs

Children with special health care needs (CSHCN) are children who have or are at increased risk for chronic physical, emotional, behavioral and developmental health conditions.

The Department of Public Health provides support to CSHCN and their families in several ways:

Philadelphia Special Needs Consortium

We convene the Philadelphia Special Needs Consortium (formerly the Special Needs Work Group), a forum for professionals and families to share information and network with other families, health care and insurance providers, legal advocates and policy planners who influence care for CSHCN.
To learn more, contact: 215-685-5232.

Philadelphia Special Needs Consortium Directory

Staff Support

Our Program Coordinator works with public and private service providers to encourage system collaboration among those serving CSHCN. To learn more, contact: 215-685-5232.

Our Parent Advocate provides direct support and referrals for families raising children with special health care needs. To learn more, contact: 215-685-5246.

Parent Advocate Brochure

Resources in Southeastern Pennsylvania
Mayor's Commission on People with Disabilities

ConsultLine is a toll-free information help line for parents and advocates of children with disabilities who have questions or concerns about the education of a school-aged child.

In Pennsylvania: 1-800-879-2301 (Toll-Free)
Outside Pennsylvania: 717-901-2146