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Current Air Quality Conditions

AQI Levels - 49 - Good

Last Update: 9/5/2018
Critical PollutantAQIAir QualityCondition
Particulate Matter49GoodGreen
Note - this reading is based on data that is not quality assured

Cautionary Statement

Critical PollutantLevel of Health ConcernHealth Message
Particulate MatterGoodNone

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Warning - Hot Weather Caution:
During summer months a forecast of extreme heat could indicate that precautions should be taken to protect the safety of older citizens and others at risk due to the high temperature.  Be aware that during forecasts of extreme heat the air quality may be good or unhealthy.  Taking actions to protect yourself from high temperature is the priority and will also help protect you from elevated pollutant levels.

Additional Information

  • For a Detailed Forecast Discussion for Philadelphia Click Here
Air Quality Index
Current Air Quality in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Skyline Welcome to Philadelphia's Real-Time Air Quality Information Web Site! 

This web site provides current information about the air quality in Philadelphia and lets you know what you should do to protect your health if the air quality is unhealthy.  A key tool to do this is the Air Quality Index (AQI).  The AQI is a color coding system as seen in the chart below.  Using formulas created by the EPA, data for pollutants are converted into a score ranging from 0 to 500. Values exceeding 100 trigger "Action Days" where you are advised to take precautions to protect yourself from health effects. The highest of the pollutant scores is reported as the overall air quality rating for Philadelphia for a given day. 

Air Quality Index (AQI) Values Levels of Health Concern Colors
When the AQI is in this range: ...air quality conditions are: ...as symbolized by this color:
0 to 50 Good Green
51 to 100 Moderate Yellow
101 to 150 Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups Orange
151 to 200 Unhealthy Red
201 to 300 Very Unhealthy Purple
301 to 500 Hazardous Maroon

Additional information may be obtained through the Air Management Services (AMS) Web Site. AMS is the local air pollution control agency for the City of Philadelphia and provides services to achieve healthy air quality through the prevention and control of air pollution and air pollution nuisances.  To make a specific request, please send an email.  Click Here