Business & self-employment

Do business with the City

The City of Philadelphia purchases products and services from hundreds of businesses every year. Your business can benefit from this. Find opportunities through the City’s procurement websites.


All businesses are eligible.

Find contracting opportunities

Through the City’s procurement websites, you can locate opportunities for your business.

What website should I visit?

eContractPhilly for personal and professional services
City’s Procurement website for construction and related trades
City’s RFP website for both for-profit and nonprofit contracting opportunities

Contracts valued at less than $34,000 are often posted to agency websites. Vendors can also find opportunities at

If you qualify, join the Office of Economic Opportunity registry

The City seeks to fulfill at least 35 percent of all for-profit contracts through minority, women, or disabled-owned enterprises (M/W/DSBEs).

Registering as an M/W/DSBE with the Office of Economic Opportunity can provide your business with opportunities. Once certified and registered, M/W/DSBEs receive preference in the City contracting process.

Find out how to register.

Follow labor standards and wage regulations, if applicable

If your business receives a City contract, you may be required to follow labor standards and wage regulations. More information is available through the Office of Labor Standards in the Mayor’s Office of Labor.

File an Economic Opportunity Plan (EOP), if applicable

For some contracts, you may be required to file an EOP. An EOP is a document created to ensure use of minority, women, and disabled-owned businesses on contracts over $100,000. If your contract is above this amount, fill out the EOP Questionnaire.

Economic Opportunity Plan (EOP) Questionnaire