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Violation and order types

The Department of Licenses and Inspections (L&I) issues notices of violations of the Philadelphia Code related to construction, use of buildings, and certain business requirements. Depending on the severity, an enforcement order may be issued with a notice of violation.

L&I issues the following types of notices:

Warning Notice

What it is: If an inspector notices a code infraction, they may issue a Warning Notice. Inspectors can issue a warning notice each day that they observe a violation.

Who it’s issued to: Property owners, business license holders, or trade license holders

Process: There is no fine or further investigation. You must correct the infraction, or L&I may issue an official violation.

Code section: Philadelphia Code Title 4-A601

Violation Notice and Order to Correct

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Site Violation Notice

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Licensing Violation Notice

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Vending Confiscation Notice

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Notice of Stop Work Order

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Notice of Intent to Cease Operations and Order

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Notice of Cease Operations Order

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