Divisions and boards

Learn how our department’s many divisions work together to keep Philadelphia safe.

Office of the Chief Code Engineer

The Chief Code Engineer interprets the measures of the Philadelphia Code and establishes how it applies to different scenarios. The Chief Code Engineer provides guidance regarding the Philadelphia Code to internal and external partners.

License and Permit Services

The License and Permit Services division is responsible for issuing licenses, permits, and certificates. They are located in the License and Permit Center in the Municipal Services Building.


L&I has three boards that manage appeals:

Building Safety

The Building Safety division oversees all field inspection operations. This includes L&I’s field inspectors who are responsible for:

  • Construction inspections.
  • Code enforcement inspections.
  • L&I’s demolition program.
  • Emergency response.
  • Vending laws.


The Administration division handles departmental operations, including:

  • Budget.
  • Human resources.
  • General services.
  • Technology.
  • Training.
  • Staffing administrative boards.


The Enforcement division:

  • Manages L&I’s involvement in advancing violations cases when they go to court.
  • Researches these cases.
  • Cleans and seals open and vacant properties.
  • Investigates nuisance properties.

Audits and Investigations

The Audits and Investigations divisions monitors proper licensing of contractors and safety certifications of workers at construction sites. The division investigates dangerous and unlawful contractor practices and recommends sanctions.