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Fire protection certifications

The Philadelphia Fire Code requires property owners to have fire protection systems inspected and certified by qualified tradespeople.

What systems require inspection and certification?

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Inspection requirements

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A certification that the system passed inspection or testing must be given to the property owner. A copy of the certification must be submitted to L&I.

If a system fails inspection, the property owner is required to correct the problem and have the system reinspected and certified. Unless the failure is corrected within 45 days (sprinkler and standpipe, special hazard suppression, and fire alarm systems) or within 90 days (smoke control systems and dampers) of the inspection, the inspector must send a deficiency notice to L&I.


Where to submit forms

Submit forms online using eCLIPSE.

All forms must use the legal address established by the Office of Property Assessment (OPA). You must have a contractor license in order to submit any certifications or reports.

Refer to the step-by-step instructions on how to submit a fire protection certification in eCLIPSE.