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Construction inspections

Construction and repair projects in Philadelphia need to be inspected for safety.

Construction inspections

The Department of Licenses and Inspections (L&I):

  • Inspects permitted construction for compliance with the applicable codes.
  • Checks that the work being done matches what is authorized by the permit.

Contractors are responsible for scheduling L&I inspections at key points during the construction project. These inspections are needed for work to continue.

L&I building inspectors also respond to public complaints about construction projects. If the construction does not meet safety standards, L&I inspectors can issue Notices of Violation tickets (Code Violation Notices) and, if necessary, Stop Work Orders to halt construction until violations are fixed.

Request an L&I inspection

You must request inspections over the phone or through eCLIPSE. Inspectors will not put in inspection requests.

For help with requesting inspections through eCLIPSE, see L&I’s eCLIPSE FAQs.

To request an inspection over the phone, call (215) 255-4040. You will need your permit number 2-letter, 10-digit Permit Number at the top of your permit certificate. You can also use the line to cancel, reschedule, check inspection results, and access plan review.

Review the IVR information sheet for step-by-step instructions.

Required certifications

Some kinds of work must be certified by qualified individuals. This includes certifying building systems or components and preparing reports in accordance with Philadelphia Building Construction and Occupancy Code.

A copy of the certification form must be submitted online using eCLIPSE and must be uploaded to the permit with the “hold permit completion” status. If you do not see a required “hold” on your permit, please submit an online help form.

The table below outlines:

  • What certifications are required depending on the type of work.
  • Which permit type to upload the certifications in order to resolve a “hold permit completion”.
  • When in the inspection process the certifications must be uploaded.

Refer to the step-by-step instructions on how to submit a permit inspection certification in eCLIPSE.

Notice: Currently, all permit holds in eCLIPSE appear in the Building Permit as “Hold Permit Completion”.  All permits approved after January 1, 2022, will include applicable hold types listed below.

Starting July 1, 2022, registered master plumbers must submit the Plumbing Systems Certification Form to certify the plumbing systems in new construction.

List of required certifications

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