Department of Records - City of Philadelphia

Document Recording Division

The Document Recording Division includes the operations of the Philadelphia County Recorder of Deeds, the City's Tax Map Registry, and public reference to real estate documents and various other public records.


As Recorder of Deeds, the division is responsible for recording and/or filing any legal instrument connected with title to real estate in the City of Philadelphia and various other matters (e.g., notary commissions, Uniform Commercial Code, police commissions, judges commissions and oaths, military discharges, and charters for corporations doing business in Philadelphia).


As the City Tax Map Registry, the division controls title registration for the Board of Revision of Taxes and other city agencies, accepts changes in registry ownership, and maintains the City's official parcel base maps.


Additionally, as a central contact for many public records, the division accepts applications for police record checks, good conduct letters, and various other police and emergency response reports. As an agent for both the City/County and the State, the division collects over $50 million in transfer taxes and various services fees related to the recording of real estate documents and the sale of records to the public.


Personal checks are not accepted. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, money order, business or bank check. When requesting copies via postal mail, please do not mail in cash.


Records Department Document Recording Unit
Room 111 City Hall
Broad & Market Streets
Philadelphia, Pa. 19107