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Zoning permit materials

The location and use of property in Philadelphia are regulated by the Zoning Code. In order to do construction on a building or use a building for a specific purpose, you may need to get a Zoning Permit from the Department of Licenses and Inspections (L&I). These documents support those permits and the zoning process.

Name Description Released Format
Accessory dwelling unit checklist PDF Use this checklist to guide through the Zoning Code requirements to determine if an Accessory Dwelling Unit is permitted on a property. July 16, 2021
Fence requirements for residentially zoned properties PDF A list of requirements, with illustrations, for fence guidelines in Philadelphia. March 5, 2019
Lot line adjustment process information sheet PDF Additional information about the lot line adjustment process. September 21, 2021
Questions for determining use classifications information sheet PDF Use this questionnaire to distinguish between common use categories and identify correct category for a project. September 21, 2021
Supplemental ownership information form PDF Use this form to identify ownership information as a supplemental document to a zoning permit application. September 10, 2021
Temporary use permit information sheet PDF Additional information about getting a zoning permit for a temporary use. September 21, 2021
Unity of use information sheet PDF Information about unity of uses. September 21, 2021
Zoning administrative adjustment application PDF Use this application to apply for a zoning adjustment from the zoning board of adjustment (ZBA) October 28, 2020
Zoning administrative adjustment process guide PDF This guide outlines steps for getting a zoning adjustment. October 28, 2020
Zoning / use registration permit application PDF Use this application to apply for a zoning permit. September 10, 2021