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Employment Opportunities

Emergency Management Liaison Officer

Job Description

The Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management’s mission is a 24/7/365 commitment. Mitigating, Preparing, Responding, and Recovering for planned and unplanned events requires around-the-clock dedication. The Emergency Management Liaison Officer’s (EMLO) role is to fill the OEM mission on behalf of OEM subject matter experts and to ensure that OEM is meeting the enduring needs of our partners.

Specifically, the candidate will work with many different entities from governmental and non-governmental organizations. The lines of effort will focus on six main areas:

  1. Provide essential staffing to the Regional Integration Center to maintain staffing minimums
  2. Provide on-scene and remote response to emergency incidents and planned events, representing OEM and coordinating response agencies
  3. Conduct short-term recovery activities including coordination of critical lifeline restoration, and individual and public assistance activities after disasters
  4. Assist in OEM’s Logistics mission, including support of OEM vehicle maintenance, transport of equipment to events, and assistance at OEM’s warehouse
  5. Conduct preparedness activities including leading public engagement events, conducting planning efforts, and performing readiness activities such as training and exercises
  6. Fulfill administrative functions of the EMLO program

Candidates should possess a strong desire to work in a team-oriented, fast-paced, flexible, professional public safety environment, and a willingness to serve the public in the sixth-largest city in the nation. The ideal candidate has exceptionally strong leadership and negotiation skills, is self-motivated, inquisitive, adept at working with diverse groups in stressful situations, and has a proven track record of effectively operating under emergency circumstances. Work will require a rotating schedule to include nights, weekends, and holidays and will, at times, be conducted in the field as the sole OEM representative or in a group setting.

Essential Functions

Under the administrative direction of the Response Planning Program Manager and the Response Executive, the Emergency Management Liaison Officer is responsible for a range of activities including the following:

  • Perform functions of the Regional Integration Center Coordinator to maintain staffing levels in the Regional Integration Center during unforeseen staffing gaps
  • Perform functionality checks and supply replenishment to ensure the readiness of facilities, vehicles, and equipment
  • Perform field observation duties for various planned events, emergencies, and disasters gathering situational awareness and informing OEM response actions
  • Coordinate emergency response and resource support at incident command posts and the emergency operations center (EOC) before a full on-call team deployment
  • Deliver public education and engagement opportunities to increase the readiness of all Philadelphians
  • Support of public information officer duties, including the collection of photo and video
  • Conduct planning functions for short-fused incidents including interagency meetings, written or verbal incident action plans, and other planning products
  • Serve displaced residents in reception centers and shelters
  • Coordinate short-term recovery activities at incidents including infrastructure restoration, financial and human service recovery, and public information
  • Assist in the development of OEM plans, including data analysis, content review, and links to OEM operations and logistics functions.
  • Build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders through regular visits at various stations, offices, or other worksites
  • Conduct neighborhood familiarity tours, increasing awareness of neighborhood hazards, conditions, and assets
  • Operate equipment including technology and communications, vehicles and trailers of various sizes including commercial vehicles, and other mechanical items all in a safe and approved manner
  • Participate in training and exercises
  • Support the EMLO program with scheduling, training, quality assurance, procedure writing and implementation, technology and data management, and other project management
  • Maintain proficiency in agency equipment and technology systems for situational awareness, incident management, data visualization, and alert and warning
  • In the absence of immediate or direct guidance from OEM Executive staff, be prepared to carry out and lead others through approved procedures
  • Perform other work as required

For more information and to apply, visit the City’s Smartrecruiter page.