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READYBusiness continuity workshop

The READYBusiness workshop is set up for you to be ready when disasters strike.

25% of businesses never open again after disaster. At the Office of Emergency Management, we want to make sure that local businesses and non-profits are equipped with the proper the knowledge of how to be resilient after an emergency.

With an average of $90,000 in commercial flood claims from the years of 2011-2015, businesses need a better understanding of what to do when emergency strikes. With our one and a half hour READYBusiness program, businesses will receive information on how to set up an easy-to-follow Business Continuity Plan, and how to let employees know about the plan. READYBusiness also gives an idea of local hazards, how to protect your business, how to act in an emergency, and putting your plan into action.

Want to get your business READY? Then contact us at or call 215-683-3261 to schedule a READYBusiness workshop for you and your employees.

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