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How to get ready

Ready_Phila-or-Not_logo-smallEmergencies can happen anywhere, at anytime. The following information resources will help you plan ahead and know what to do when emergencies happen.

Prepare for an Emergency
If you are not ready for common hazards, you and your family are more likely to get hurt or sick, lose money and property, and have a harder time recovering when the emergency is over. Planning and preparation will help you avoid risks and give you peace of mind.

Natural Hazards
Do you know which natural hazards Philadelphia can face? Find out how to prepare for the severe weather types that are most likely to affect our region.

Human-Caused Hazards
Accidents and acts of violence are both dangerous and frightening. Read about these hazards to learn how you can detect possible threats, prepare for specific situations, and protect yourself.

It doesn’t happen often, but a large-scale emergency could mean that you have to get away from your home, business, school, or community quickly. Learn more about how to get to safety when City officials tell you to evacuate.

After an Emergency
Learn about resources available to help residents and businesses recover as quickly as possible after a disaster.

How You Can Help
When you make emergency donations or volunteer with a disaster response organization, you can help people recover and make your community stronger. Find out how you can help after an emergency strikes.

Preparedness Workshops
The Office of Emergency Management offers emergency preparedness workshops to civic associations, faith-based groups, senior centers, town watch, and other residential groups of 20 or more people. Find out what you’ll learn and how you can schedule a workshop near you.