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Ready_Phila-or-Not_logo-smallOur ReadyPhiladelphia, Or Not? brochures can be downloaded, printed, and shared as quick reference guides to help Philadelphia-area residents prepare for emergencies and respond to local incidents.

Special Events Safety Guide

English (PDF)

Ready, Or Not? An Emergency Preparedness Program

English (PDF) / Large Print (PDF) / Large Print 16-pt. font (PDF)

Cambodian (PDF)

Chinese (PDF)

Korean (PDF)

Polish (PDF)

Russian (PDF)

Spanish (PDF)

Vietnamese (PDF)

Ready, Or Not? Preparing You and Your Pet for an Emergency

English (PDF) / Large Print 16-pt. font (PDF)

Ready, Or Not? Stay Cool Guide: How to Protect Your Health When It’s Hot

English (PDF)/ Large Print 16-pt. font (PDF)

Winter Weather Guide

English (PDF) / Large Print 16-pt. font (PDF)

Hurricane Guide

English (PDF)

Severe Weather Safety Guide

English (PDF)

Health Information Card


Family Emergency Plan


Pennsylvania Emergency Preparedness Guide

English (PDF)

Sample Business Continuity & Disaster Preparedness Plan

English (PDF)

Blasting Operation Guidelines

English (PDF)