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READYHome READYBusiness READYCommunity preparedness workshops

In 2016 alone, the Office of Emergency Management has helped 3,600 people within schools, places of worship, businesses, libraries, and community centers prepare for any kind of emergency. Our READYBusiness and READYHome are free, hour long, intense programs that will leave you knowing what to have in your hand, heart and home in the event of an emergency.

If you’re interested in OEM visiting your neighborhood group or business, please email us:

  • READYCommunity
    • The goal of READYCommunity is to help residents across Philadelphia prepare for emergencies. The combined Mantua, East Parkside, and Powelton Village areas mark the first partners OEM is working with to help the public better prepare for and persevere through a crisis, whether it be within one home or a whole city block. Through a series of workshops, OEM empowers and connects people in a community. OEM does this by educating them on emergency preparedness and creating neighborhood emergency plans that are relevant and specific to their community.
  • READYHome Personal and Family Preparedness Workshops
    • In the READYhome workshop, we give residents easy-to-follow tips on how to come up with an emergency plan. These plans include family members with disabilities, for pets, and how to shelter in place. We also let you know about ReadyPhiladelphia, Philadelphia’s emergency text and email alert system.
  • READYBusiness Continuity Workshops 
    • This workshop is set up for local businesses and non-profits. We will give an idea of local hazards, tips on how to set up a Business Continuity Plan, how to let workers know about the plan, how to protect a business, how to act in an emergency, and putting your plan into action.