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Emergency Operations Plan

The City of Philadelphia’s Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) establishes the doctrine and principles for the City of Philadelphia’s emergency management program.

This foundational document describes how City government organizes and acts to protect lives and property in the event of emergencies and disasters.

The EOP details policies and procedures applicable to the management of all-hazard events to include natural disasters, accidents, and terrorist or significant criminal incidents.

The scope of the plan extends from pre-incident preparedness, prevention, and mitigation, to response and recovery activities.

This plan is applicable to all organizations acting for or on behalf of the City of Philadelphia and is consistent with state and national emergency management statutes, plans, systems, and principles.

The EOP serves as the base plan through which the City’s portfolio of hazard-specific and functional plans are activated and executed.

The EOP outlines broader concepts, organizational structures, and general rules and regulations.

Hazard-specific and functional plans describe agency roles and responsibilities, operational strategies, resource availability, and applicable procedures in more detail.

View Emergency Operations Plan (PDF)