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READYHome personal and family preparedness workshops

The Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management wants you and your neighbors to be prepared for any kind of emergency.  Why, because emergencies do happen. In the City of Philadelphia, flooding is the number one natural hazard that we face. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, only 43% of households have preparedness plan for hazardous flooding.

With our READYHome workshops, everyday people will receive easy-to-follow tips on how to come up with an emergency plan. The length of this workshop is approximately one hour. This is a great workshop for all community groups.  These plans include family members with disabilities, for pets, and how to shelter in place. We also let you know about READYPhiladelphia, Philadelphia’s emergency text and email alert system.

Want to get your home and family READY? Then contact us at or call 215-683-3261 to schedule a READYBusiness workshop for you and your neighbors.

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