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Dominick Mireles

In April of 2022, Dominick Mireles was appointed director of OEM by Mayor Jim Kenney. Mireles, who has been with OEM for over seven years, previously served as the office’s Deputy Director for Operations. In his new role as OEM Director, Mireles will oversee all aspects of the City’s planning for, response to, and recovery from emergencies, disasters, and complex planned public events, working jointly with other city, state, federal and non-governmental entities in the execution of this mission.

As the Deputy Director for Operations, Dominick provided strategic guidance and oversight to four program areas in the application of an all-hazards emergency management program. These programs included the emergency operations center, information technology, logistics, and the Regional Integration Center.

Dominick also served as OEM’s Logistics Program Manager and the Group Leader for OEM’s Regional Integration Center. In these roles he had primary responsibility for an inventory of emergency vehicles, equipment, supplies, and facilities; lead the logistics planning portion for the City’s emergency plans; coordinated internal training and communications; and served as a project manager for new and sensitive initiatives, including the roll-out of ReadyPhiladelphia.

Prior to joining OEM, Dominick was a Security Operations Supervisor for Hershey Entertainment and Resorts, where he planned and executed the safety and security components of major entertainment and sporting events, as well as response to unplanned incidents. He also supervised the dispatch communications team, which functioned as the nerve center of the complex.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and is currently enrolled in a master’s program at the Naval Postgraduate School’s Center for Homeland Defense and Security. Mireles also volunteers with Team Rubicon, which mobilizes veterans to help people prepare, respond and recover from disasters and humanitarian crises.



The Operations Division develops and applies technical infrastructure, systems and processes, and equipment to advance the preparedness mission of OEM. Operations contains the physical footprint of OEM and manages the City’s Emergency Operations Center, Regional Integration Center, Mobile Command Post, response vehicle fleet, and warehouse. The division also focuses heavily on incorporating and innovating technology platforms and geospatial data to provide emergency responders and officials with prompt and comprehensive information on incidents. Operations directly supports the work of the Planning and Public Affairs divisions to ensure that emergency plan needs are met with reliable systems and equipment.

Michael Giardina
Deputy Director Operations

Previously as OEM’s Regional Integration Center Program Manager, Michael was responsible for overseeing the staff and operations of the 24/7 emergency management watch center. These efforts include policy development, quality assurance of information products, and developing training and exercise programs all with the goal of strengthening situational awareness processes.

Michael also served as both Homeland Security Planning Coordinator and Regional Integration Center Coordinator with OEM for several years. In these roles, Michael coordinated special event planning efforts, worked with public safety officials on various planning projects, and maintained 24/7 situational awareness in OEM’s 24/7 watch center.

Before joining OEM, Michael worked as an emergency medical technician and EMS operations supervisor with several agencies in New Jersey. In his supervisory positions, Michael oversaw planning and operations for major incident response and special operations. Michael has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Homeland Security and a minor in Political Sciences from Stockton University, and has participated in the Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security’s Emergence Program.

Rick Stechman
Information Technology Coordinator

Rick Stechman has been with Emergency Management since January 2004. His position with OEM is the IT Coordinator. Rick has over fifteen years’ experience in IT and 33 years experience in electronics. He has been with the City of Philadelphia since May 1995. He started work for the city in the Dept. of Public Property working on the cities radio system. Rick was employed at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard from May 1982 till it closed in 1995. At the shipyard, Rick performed repair and overhaul of complex electronic equipment for naval ships. Prior to working at PNSY Rick served in the US Navy maintaining the ships weapons systems.

Justin Friend
Emergency Management Technology Program Manager

Justin developed and enhanced his technical capabilites through years of service in OEM’s Regional Integration Center, Emergency Operations Center, and Mobile Command post in numerous incidents and special event responses. Through this, Justin learned the intricacies of interoperability, technical new user education, and support of complex incidents to forge  capabilites uniquiely suited for the tasks of the Emergency Management Technical Program Manager.

Prior to joining OEM, Justin worked in Upper Merion Township’s Public Information Office overseeing resident outreach campaigns, production of a variety of publications, and emergency notifications to community stakeholders. Justin holds a master’s in Public Administration from Villanova University, as well as a graduate certificate in City Management from the International City/County Management Association.

Elliott Grace
Logistics Program Manager

Elliott Grace leads emergency and special event logistics for the Office of Emergency Management. In this role, Elliott has primary responsibility for an inventory of emergency vehicles, equipment, supplies, and facilities. He works jointly with other city, state, federal and non-governmental entities in support of operations and leads the logistics planning portion for the city’s emergency plans.

Prior to joining OEM, Elliott worked as a Supply Chain Manager in the private sector, where he was responsible for supervision and instruction of various teams through all phases of warehouse operations. He was also a firefighter in Montgomery County and serves as a logistician for both regional and federal medical response teams. Elliott holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from Pennsylvania State University.

Brian Elliott
Logistics Planning Coordinator

As Logistics Planning Coordinator, Brian is responsible for the development of a suite of plans and guides to support city and region-wide logistics operations.

Prior to joining OEM, Brian worked seven years for the Arkansas Department of Health as an Emergency Communications Specialist, Exercise Coordinator, and the Planning Section Chief. He is currently pursuing his Master Exercise Practitioner Certification at the Emergency Management Institute (EMI).

Vanessa Lyman
Emergency Management Liaison Officer Group Leader

As an Emergency Management Liaison Officer, Vanessa Lyman is responsible for coordinating the on scene operational mission. She is tasked with the coordination and support of emergency response resources. When not responding to emergency events, Vanessa supports other OEM program areas such as community engagement and planning.

Vanessa previously worked with the OEM as a Regional Integration Coordinator and as the Tier II Intern after years of working as an engineering assistant at a helicopter firm. Prior to joining the OEM, Vanessa volunteered in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake and volunteered with the American Red Cross as a dispatch specialist and as a disaster action team member.

Vanessa graduated from Millersville with a Master’s degree in Emergency Management and has a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture from Philadelphia University.

Martin Hicks
Emergency Management Liaison Officer

As an Emergency Management Liaison Officer, Martin Hicks is responsible for coordinating the on scene operational mission. He is tasked with coordination and support of emergency response resources.

Before coming to OEM, Martin was the Disaster Program Specialist for the American Red Cross, covering the City of Philadelphia. His responsibilities consisted of engaging, developing and managing a robust volunteer cadre responsible for the implementation of disaster preparedness, response, and recovery programs as well as collaborating with local, state, and federal, partner agencies. During his time with the American Red Cross he has deployed nationally several times in support of disaster response, and worked many large local operations while also being a member of the Philadelphia Second Alarmers.

Martin is a proud Marine and Emergency Manager.

Billy Chambers
Emergency Management Liaison Officer

As an Emergency Management Liaison Officer, Billy Chambers is responsible for responding to emergency incidents and providing on-scene coordination with OEM’s partners and stakeholders. When not responding to emergency incidents, Billy supports other OEM program areas such as logistics and special events.

Prior to joining OEM, Billy held various roles in the emergency management field at the local, state, and federal government levels. Billy has a Bachelor of Science in Emergency Management from Arkansas Tech University.

Pete Lewis
Emergency Management Liaison Officer

As an Emergency Management Liaison Officer, Peter is responsible for coordinating the on-scene operational mission as well as supporting emergency response resources. When not responding to emergency events, he supports other program areas in the planning & operations sections.

Outside of Philadelphia OEM, he has worked as an emergency medical technician since 2015 in a busy 911 EMS system in Camden County, NJ, working closely with other 911 public safety agencies. Peter is a proud alumnus of Rowan University and is continues his learning through ongoing state and federal professional education programs.



OEM’s Planning Division leads citywide efforts developing strategies that address the risks posed by natural disasters, accidents, and human-caused incidents. These professionals conduct all-hazards planning and develop programs for health and human services, critical infrastructure protection and homeland security, public works and recovery, and training and exercises. As part of this process, they collaborate with departments and agencies from all levels of government and a range of non-governmental organizations.

Typical projects that OEM planners oversee include how the City handles incidents with mass casualties, mass fatalities, neighborhood and citywide evacuations, debris management, resource recovery, and evaluating public schools for use as emergency shelters.

Carolyn Caton, MS
Deputy Director for Planning

Carolyn manages the infrastructure program at OEM and conducts emergency planning for critical infrastructure systems, disaster recovery, and hazard mitigation. She is an appointed co-chair of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Regional Task Force Infrastructure Workgroup, where she leads the development and implementation of projects to advance the region’s homeland security priorities.

In addition to her planning work, Carolyn leads an emergency response team that responds to various incidents, emergency operation center activations, and designated special events. Before joining the City, Carolyn worked in the Philadelphia Mayor’s Office of Civic Engagement and Volunteer Service and served as a consultant for UNICEF’s child protection in emergencies unit in New York.

Carolyn is a 2018 Drexel University LeBow College of Business Leading for Change Fellow, a 2012  Monterey Institute for International Studies Frontier Market Scout Fellow, and holds a masters degree in international social welfare from Columbia University in New York.

Emma Giardina
Infrastructure Program Manager

As the Hazard Planning Coordinator, Emma is responsible for working with a variety of city, state and federal partners to develop and coordinate a comprehensive hazard mitigation program for the city.  Emma updates and maintains the city’s Hazard Mitigation Plan and other hazard based plans in the Infrastructure Program.

Emma was previously the Community Resilience Coordinator for OEM, focusing her efforts on building Philadelphia’s resilience to disasters at the neighborhood level and planning for community long term recovery. Prior to joining OEM, she was a middle school science teacher and spent a considerable amount of time working at environmental education centers in the eastern PA and southern NJ region. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental science and a Bachelor of Arts degree in education from Stockton University.

Zorina Morton
Infrastructure Planning Coordinator

As the Infrastructure Planning Coordinator, Zorina is responsible for a range of activities including researching and reviewing best practices related to citywide disaster planning and operations. She also develops and updates comprehensive response plans for a variety of citywide emergency plans, including, severe weather, damage assessment, debris management, and utility disruptions.

Prior to joining OEM, Zorina was employed at a pharmaceutical company as a Quality Assurance Inspector to track Covid- 19 vaccine quality assurance metrics and meet reporting requirements set by State and Government contracts.

Zorina is a Philadelphia native with a Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Administration with an emphasis in Public Health degree from Mary Baldwin University. She also has a Master of Science degree in Disaster Medicine and Management from Thomas Jefferson University.

Noah Palau
Hazard Planning Coordinator

As the Hazard Planning Coordinator, Noah is responsible for working with a variety of city, state, and federal partners to develop and coordinate a comprehensive hazard mitigation program for the city. Noah updates and maintains the city’s Hazard Mitigation Plan and other hazard-based plans in the Infrastructure Program.
Previously, Noah worked on bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure planning projects as a transportation planning intern at the City of Philadelphia Office of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Sustainability (OTIS). Before working for the city, Noah worked for the University Ambulance Service at Penn State as an EMT and completed two internships for the Federal Highway Administration- Eastern Federal Lands division focusing on construction management/inspection and highway design.
Noah currently holds a master’s degree in City Planning with a concentration in sustainable transportation and infrastructure from the University of Pennsylvania and two bachelor’s degrees in Civil Engineering and Political Science from the Pennsylvania State University.

David Natale
Health and Human Services Program Manager

Prior to joining OEM, David worked for over ten years with the American Red Cross here in Philadelphia.  While with the Red Cross, David served in many different capacities, including in the areas of emergency communications, preparedness, response, and recovery.  David is excited to continue his development and experience in these areas while working with Philadelphia’s OEM.  David was born in Philadelphia and grew up in Bucks County.  As the mass care planning coordinator David will be responsible for writing and updating citywide response plans for a variety of mass care related issues such as sheltering, family assistance and reunification centers, emergency preparedness processes, and human services recovery planning.  David has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, with a minor in business, from Skidmore College.

Sarah Bailey
Mass Care Planning Coordinator

As the Mass Care Coordinator, Sarah Bailey focuses on human services recovery, including planning for emergency sheltering and family assistance centers. Sarah also works to make sure residents with a variety of access and functional needs are included in emergency planning.

Prior to joining OEM, Sarah served as a FEMA Corps Team Leader in Denver, CO. In this role, she helped provide assistance to people affected by major disasters throughout the country. Sarah was also an OEM fellow.  Sarah has a master’s degree in Disaster Science and Management from the University of Delaware.

Joshua Martenson
Training and Exercise Program Manager

Joshua Martenson is responsible for shaping OEM’s Training and Exercise Program through the development of original exercises and partnerships with other agencies to achieve their exercise objectives. As Training and Exercise Program Manager, Josh is also responsible for identifying appropriate training opportunities for OEM staff in order to enable them to better meet the agency’s mission. Josh previously served as the Human Services Planning Coordinator for OEM, where he developed plans such as the Mass Care and Shelter Plan and other initiatives for the provision of essential services to those impacted by a disaster.

Prior to his arrival at OEM, Josh was employed by the American Red Cross in Greater New York for more than eight years in the roles of training and exercise, workforce management, government operations, and emergency communications. Joshua has a bachelor’s in sociology from Colby College.


Public Engagement

The Public Engagement team focuses on increasing community engagement and public awareness of emergency planning, preparedness, response, and recovery. Additionally, the public engagement team also focuses on increasing Philadelphia’s emergency preparedness via the READYHome and READYBusiness workshops, and the READYCommunity program.

Gary Spector
Homeland Security Planning Coordinator

As the Homeland Security Planning Coordinator, Gary is responsible for developing plans and aiding in the development of security protocols, guidelines and policies that promote interoperability, situational awareness, and common operating protocols. Gary also participates in the planning, operations and assessment of large special events or mass gatherings.

Before joining OEM, Gary served on active duty with the Israel Defense Force (IDF) in the 900th Kfir Brigade, 92nd Samson Battalion. After concluding his military service, Gary returned to the U.S. and earned a BA in Government Studies from Franklin & Marshall College, in Lancaster City, Pennsylvania. During his time in Lancaster, he was a Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician. After graduating, he joined New York City Emergency Management Department working as a logistics ground support planner.

Jeffrey Kolakowski
Public Information Program Manager

In his role as Public Information Program Manager, Jeffrey Kolakowski is in charge of writing and publishing content on OEM’s website and social media accounts. This position also involves media relations: writing media advisories and press releases as well as serving as a liaison between journalists and OEM. The public information program manager position also consists of crisis communication and public education to residents and businesses in the city to be prepared for emergencies. This includes promoting the ReadyPhiladelphia program which looks to educate and alert the public to take an active role in emergency preparedness.

Jeff has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in speech communications with an option in broadcast journalism from Millersville University.

Allison Miller
Communications Coordinator

As the Communications Coordinator, Allison is in charge of writing, creating, and publishing content to OEM’s social media accounts. This position also supports crisis communications and the community outreach team. Allison encourages the public to take an active role in emergency preparedness by promoting the ReadyPhiladelphia program through digital media and public outreach.

Before joining OEM, Allison worked as a Digital Communications and Outreach Specialist for Philly311. In this position, Allison produced videos and other forms of digital media regarding services and information provided by the City’s customer service center for non-emergency inquiries. Allison holds a bachelor’s degree in Film and Video from Drexel University.

Olivia Gillison
Community Preparedness Program Manager

Olivia is the Community Preparedness Program Manager for the Office of Emergency Management (OEM). She focuses on the ways in which communities foster relationships with the local City government and plan for potential disasters in their homes and neighborhoods. In this position she is responsible for coordinating a variety of special events and exhibits, developing and maintaining working relationships with the media, corporate sponsors, the public, and other key stakeholders. Olivia also represents OEM at conferences, community meetings, civic associations, other public meetings, and professional associations.

Prior to joining OEM, Olivia was the Director of Constituent Services and Social Media in the City’s Office of Special Events (OSE). While in this role she facilitated the coordination and logistics for street festivals and community block parties; built and maintained the public information strategy and social media outreach program; and supported upper level supervisors with onsite event management before and during major events such as the 2015 World Meeting of Families, 2016 Democratic National Convention, 2017 NFL Draft, 2018 NFL Kickoff, and 2019 Kappa Conclave Philly Fest.

Olivia received her undergraduate degree in Geography, Environmental Studies and Urban Planning from Ohio Wesleyan University, and received the Event Leadership Executive Certificate from Temple University School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management. As a Philadelphia native, she resides in the Overbrook Hills (West Philadelphia) neighborhood.

Joshua Nussbaum
Community Resilience Coordinator

As the Community Resilience Coordinator, Joshua supports long-term community planning and increased disaster resilience throughout Philadelphia neighborhoods.

Joshua has over a decade of experience in the mental/behavioral health field, including five years as a case manager here in Philadelphia.  Most recently, Joshua was a response planner for the Philadelphia Department of Behavioral health and disability Services (DBHIdS).  Joshua holds a bachelor’s degree in Biopsychology from Messiah College and a Master’s degree in Emergency Management from the University of New Haven.

Erin Mossop
Alerts and Warning Coordinator

As the Alerts and Warning Coordinator, Erin Mossop is responsible managing the technical and strategic aspects of the public alert and warning systems to protect the public, while working in close consultation with the OEM Regional Integration Center (RIC), OEM Public information programs and other stakeholders.

Erin previously worked in international development with Save the Children where she organized international training workshops for USAID funded food aid programs. Prior to joining the OEM she volunteered with the American Red Cross on the Island of Oahu with the Disaster Response office and the local preparedness organization Ewa Beach Emergency Preparedness Committee.

Erin graduated from Georgetown University with a Master’s degree in Emergency Management and has a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from American University.


Regional Integration Center 

The Regional Integration Center (RIC) serves as a primary interface and point of contact for Emergency Management personnel to provide critical information, updates, and support during the monitoring, response and recovery phases of the emergency response cycle.

Derryck Cromwell
Regional Integration Center Group Leader

Prior to joining OEM, Derryck spent more than 10 years in the communications industry, working for fulfillment contractors hired by cable providers in various regions of the country. He started as a service and install technician, advanced to collections, and ultimately became a Project Manager for the largest fulfillment contractor for Comcast in Philadelphia. Derryck holds a bachelor’s in community and regional planning from Temple University.

Lyndon Thomas
Regional Integration Center Coordinator

Prior to joining the OEM, Lyndon worked as a Police Corporal with the Trinidad & Tobago Municipal Police Service. As a police officer, he responded to, recovered, and assisted in many emergency response situations. He also has many other skills which could label him as a “Jack of all Trades”. He obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree from West Chester University, while he worked at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, in the Security Department. Soon after, he graduated with a Master’s of Science Degree in Criminal Justice, with a concentration in Environmental Management, Homeland Security, and Risk Assessment & Management from Saint Joseph’s University.

Michael Balan
Regional Integration Center Coordinator

Prior to joining OEM, Michael worked in the financial and non-profit industries before transitioning into emergency management. Michael also serves as a C-5M Loadmaster in the U.S. Air Force Reserve stationed out of Dover Air Force Base. He currently holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, and is currently working on completing his masters degree in Public Administration from the University of Delaware.

Mandela Grant
Regional Integration Center Coordinator

Prior to joining OEM, Mandela currently serves as a Combat Engineer sergeant for the U.S. Army Reserves at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst. Over his 8-year career, Mandela has been deployed for varies missions abroad and domestically. Mandela holds two bachelor’s degrees in Criminal Justice and Political Science from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. He is currently finishing his MPA at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

Alexa Goldberg
Regional Integration Center Coordinator

Prior to joining OEM, Alexa worked in Surveillance Operations at Harrah’s Atlantic City. Alexa holds a master’s degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in homeland security from Stockton University. While completing her studies, Alexa served as intern for Atlantic County Prosecutors – Major Crime Unit and Atlantic County Office of Emergency Management.

Nicole Stolarski
Regional Integration Center Coordinator

Prior to joining the OEM-RIC team, Nicole was an OEM fellow with the Community Preparedness Program. Nicole holds a bachelor’s degree in meteorology, and is currently working on completing her master’s degree in emergency management, both from Millersville University.

Daniel Stasson
Regional Integration Center Coordinator

Prior to joining OEM, Dan served in the U.S. Air Force as a Base Defense Operations Controller, Criminal Investigator and Military Liaison Officer for the San Antonio Police Department.  Dan currently serves in the Air National Guard as a RED HORSE member tasked with providing a highly mobile civil engineering response force in support of contingency and special operations worldwide.  Dan earned a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Columbia Southern University.

Kate Hartigan
Regional Integration Center Coordinator

Prior to joining OEM, Kate worked for the Philadelphia Police Department as a Communications Dispatcher. Kate has also worked in private security offering expertise in building security architecture and design, as well as on site security and surveillance. Kate earned a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Homeland Security and Counterterrorism from Southern New Hampshire University and maintains an active certification as a National Registered Emergency Medical Technician. 

Homeland Security Grant Program

The City of Philadelphia is the largest city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the fifth largest city in the United States.  As a result, the City of Philadelphia and the surrounding region receive UASI (Urban Area Security Initiative) and SHSGP (State Homeland Security Grant Program) funding.

Brandon Lapsley
Homeland Security Grant Program Manager

In his position as Homeland Security Grant Program Manager, Brandon Lapsley supports the coordination of projects among stakeholders, including public safety, emergency response, and City of Philadelphia agencies, as they move through Federal, State, and local grant processes.  Brandon manages tracking for project deliverables, equipment and inventory, procurements, contracts, and amendments.

Prior to joining OEM, Brandon worked as a Program Specialist with the US Agency for International Development, supporting US Government programs in transitioning communities.  He also served as a Program Manager with the Community Action Agency of Delaware County, helping low-income Veterans overcome housing crises.  Brandon holds a Master’s in International Affairs from American University and a Bachelor’s in Political Science from Penn State University.

Bernadette Stanko
Homeland Security Grant Program Coordinator

In her position as Homeland Security Grant Program Coordinator, Bernadette Stanko assists with the coordination of projects among stakeholders. She also assists with tracking project deliverables, equipment, and contracts.  Prior to joining OEM, Bernadette worked as a Grants Coordinator at the University of Pennsylvania. There she worked within the School of Medicine to support the Department of Surgery and then the Department of Dermatology. Bernadette did the financial coordinating and budgeting for a variety of medical research grants and clinical trials. She was also responsible for tracking billing, invoicing, subcontracts, supply purchases, and travel reimbursements. Bernadette hold’s a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor’s in Communication from LaSalle University.