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Hazard Mitigation Plan

Reducing Philadelphia’s Risk

What is the Hazard Mitigation Plan?

Hazard mitigation is the act of reducing or eliminating the risk of natural, human-caused, or technological disasters. The Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) describes which hazards, like flooding and winter storms, affect Philadelphia. The plan also looks at what City projects can help reduce damage from disasters before they happen.

Priorities for the 2022 plan include equity, climate change, and alignment with other City processes and plans. The plan looks at 18 different hazards and lists 163 actions the City can take to reduce our risk.

Overall, more than 190 people from 85 different agencies and organizations engaged in the 2022 update. Public comments from nearly 400 public surveys and numerous community events informed the plan.

View the 2022 Hazard Mitigation Plan here.

Why Mitigate?

  • Helps prevent loss of life and injury
  • Prevents damage to property, businesses, and homes
  • Every $1 spent in mitigation = $6 saved in disaster response and recovery
  • Protects the City of Brotherly Love’s unique economic, cultural, and environmental features

Plan and Amendment Documents

Name Description Released Format
2022 All-Hazard Mitigation Plan 2022 Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) as approved by City Council, FEMA, and PEMA. This is a large download. May 19, 2022 PDF
Annex A: Bibliography A document listing the sources used for the 2022 HMP update. Annexes D, E, and F are For Official Use Only (FOUO). Jan 31, 2022 PDF
Annex B: Local Mitigation Plan Review Tool Required FEMA review tool specifying requirements met. Jan 31, 2022 PDF
Annex C: Meeting and Participation Documentation Documentation of all meetings and workshops held throughout the 2022 HMP Planning Process. Jan 31, 2022 PDF
Annex G: Review of 2017 Mitigation Strategy Documentation of removed, completed, and updated mitigation actions from the 2017 HMP. Jan 31, 2022 PDF
November 2022 Amendment Documentation of the two projects added to the 2022 plan in November 2022. Nov 30, 2022 PDF
2017 Hazard Mitigation Plan Full 2017 Hazard Mitigation Plan. This is a large download. May 17, 2017 PDF
2012 Hazard Mitigation Plan 2012 assessment of methods for addressing natural hazards in Philadelphia. May 1, 2012 PDF

How can you be involved?

Provide comments

Review the plan and provide us with your comments by emailing

Attend a workshop

Interested in learning more about emergency preparedness and the Hazard Mitigation Plan? Reach out to us at to learn about our workshops.

Follow us

Follow us on social media @PhilaOEM for updates.

Spread the word

Tell everyone who lives, works, or plays in Philadelphia about the plan and how they can get involved!

Reach out

Questions about the plan or curious about how you can schedule a workshop for your community? Reach out to us at

Funding for Mitigation Projects

Does your organization or non-profit have a mitigation project that you’d like featured in our plan? Are you looking for opportunities to fund a risk reduction project? Check out the opportunities below!

Each fall, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) opens up two Hazard Mitigation Assistance Grant Programs: Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) and the new Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC). FEMA’s FMA and BRIC programs supply funds for hazard mitigation planning activities and implementation of mitigation programs in the City’s Hazard Mitigation Plan.

Members of the public can reach out to for more information.