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L&I frequently asked questions

This page contains answers to questions that the Department of Licenses and Inspections (L&I) receives frequently. The answers are provided in PDFs that provide context and diagrams when necessary.



Title Description Category Author Date Format
Do I need to obtain a new zoning permit if the height of the proposed structure has changed? PDF April 7, 2021
I would like to open a brewery, winery, cidery, etc. Which use category does my business fall into? PDF December 19, 2019
Which Industrial Use Category does my proposed use fall into? PDF January 31, 2020
Can I park my recreational vehicle or other oversized vehicle on my property? PDF December 19, 2019
Can I rent my house/apartment/condo as a short-term rental using services like AirBnB, VRBO, HomeAway, etc.? Do I need a permit to do this? PDF December 19, 2019
I am starting a new business within an existing building or tenant space that previously had the same or similar use; do I need a new permit? PDF December 19, 2019
I own the vacant lot adjacent to my house. Can I park my car on that lot? PDF December 19, 2019
My property has an existing, non-compliant curb cut. Can I reuse that curb cut when developing my lot? PDF December 19, 2019
I would like to expand or reconfigure my parking lot/garage but the existing spaces or landscaping are not compliant. Do I need to bring the entire parking lot/garage into compliance? PDF December 19, 2019
Am I allowed to provide outside seating as part of my restaurant? PDF December 19, 2019
At what point during the permit and construction process will a building or portion of a building be considered existing for the purposes of contextual zoning requirements? PDF May 21, 2020
What steps need to be taken to document required off-site parking? PDF November 12, 2020
How does the zoning code encourage development in historically designated properties? PDF October 28, 2020
Do I need a permit to landscape or remove a tree from my property? PDF December 7, 2020